How to Display Your Newborn Photos | San Diego, CA

Having a sweet newborn is so exciting and precious, and being able to invest in heirloom images of your sweet babe is a must! But when it comes to displaying your newborn photos, most people stop in their tracks. The most asked question that I get as a San Diego newborn photographer is how to display your newborn photos so they can be enjoyed all the time. Here are some steps to walk through and ask yourself before deciding on how you would like to display your images. Just remember, your images are MEANT to be looked at and loved, so display away!

Display Your Newborn Photos – How Much Wall Space?

The first question you need to ask yourself to determine exactly how to display your newborn photos, is how much wall space you want to dedicate to your portraits. If you are renting and about to move, you may not know just how much wall space you have to dedicate to your portraits (and that’s ok!). If you have a nursery, the wall around the crib or changing area is always perfect for those newborn portraits. Figure out just how much wall space, and where in your home, you would like to display your images on.

My biggest suggestion, is anything under 11×14″ is much too small for your wall. You want to be able to enjoy these while walking by or the other side of the room. If your images are too small, they will look out of place on your wall (unless you are doing a collages with LOTS of images, but even then they will get lost in the size of your wall).

Display Your Newborn Photos – Not Sure About Wall Portraits?

The second question I typically will ask my clients is, if you aren’t sure about wall art, have you thought about displaying your images in other ways? Not all portraits need to be on a gorgeous 40″ canvas hanging in your living room to be enjoyed – you can always think a bit smaller! With moving multiple times (like my military clients often do), or siblings sharing a room, opting for an album or coffee table collection box may be right up your alley. Having your images print in either an album or a collection box gives you the opportunity to sit down and go through your images with your family whenever you please. Seeing your children’s faces light up looking at themselves when they were so tiny is always worth it!

Display Your Newborn Photos – Digital Images

While I don’t think you should *only* have digital copies of your images, you can find some great ways to display your newborn photos with the digital images! These days, there are plenty of TVs that will display digital images as the background. If you have money to splurge, look into the Frame TVs. You can easily display your newborn photos on your TV so they appear to be a print when your TV is turned off.

If you are not in the market for a new TV, digital picture frames are another great way to digitally display your newborn photos. You can find them at most big box stores, depending on what style you are looking for.

Remember, while digital images are nice and convenient, most (if not all) will end up getting lost in cyber space and barely looked at again. Printing your images will make sure that they are preserved AND enjoyed. That’s the whole purpose of these images, right?

There are so many ways you can display your newborn photos, so don’t feel limited to this list! I would love to hear if you have any unique ways to display your photos throughout your home. Leave them in the comments below!

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