Today we have a guest blog by the wonderful Sutherland Photography in St. Louis. She brings her knowledge to share how to help your newborn sleep for their newborn photography session. Enjoy!

How to Help Your Newborn Sleep for Their Newborn Photography Session

By: Sutherland Photography, a St. Louis Newborn Photographer

A newborn photo session is an important milestone for your family. It’s a chance to capture your child’s first few weeks in your family and create lasting memories. The photos will be cherished treasures for years to come. So, obviously everyone is hoping their baby will sleep the whole way through.

But what if your baby won’t sleep for the session? Don’t worry, here are some tips to help them sleep soundly and beautifully for their photo shoot. Preparing beforehand and bringing everything you need will help your photographer get beautiful photos of your little one!

6 Tips to Help Your Newborn Sleep for their Newborn Photography Session

  1. Feed your baby before your session and make sure he or she is full! A hungry baby won’t sleep.
  2. Bring a Pacifier so baby can be soothed during the pictures without having to restart.
  3. Turn up the heat so baby does not get cold and is warm and sleepy.
  4. Use white noise to help baby relax and sleep soundly.
  5. Photograph the family together and siblings first, followed by newborn alone.
  6. Stay relaxed! Your baby will feel your stress.

These once in a lifetime photos are moments you’ll cherish forever. Your photographer will likely be able to get great photos even if your newborn isn’t sleepy, but following these tips will ensure you get the best possible portraits of your newborn photo session.

Do you want more information on helping your baby sleep for their newborn photo session? Read the full blog post at the link above!