Hey there, momma. I see you over there becoming more and more uncomfortable, beyond ready to be done with being pregnant. Yet the wheels are constantly spinning about what on earth you might not be remembering to pack in your hospital bag. Trust me, I totally get it. I have two little munchkins of my own, and both times I started panicking about what I was forgetting to bring with us to the hospital. To help ease your mind a bit, I put together a hospital bag checklist for you!

Here are some of the items on my checklist.

Let’s first talk about you, the star of the show, Momma.

Outfits. One for labor, one for recovery, and one for one going home. Or in my case, a few pairs of yoga pants, nursing tank tops (I *may* still wear a few of the suuuuper comfy ones even though our nursing days are long gone!), and a sweater/cover. Whatever you are most comfortable in that gives you room to breathe. And has some stretch to it.

Toiletries. You are going to want your toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, deodorant, and possibly some makeup. Beyond the essentials, the first thing I pack into my toiletry bag: dry shampoo. The last thing I had time to do before people were visiting was to shower and do my hair. In walks my BFF, dry shampoo. It makes a shower much more manageable when you don’t have the energy to do anything but snuggle that sweet babe of yours. Oh, and nursing pads. Even if you’re not nursing.

Now for everybody else involved.

For Your Spouse. If your spouse is staying with you, they most likely will get the luxury of sleeping on the floor or in a chair. A pillow (and possibly a sleeping bag) is a must! Toiletries and a change of clothes are right up there, too.

For your bundle of joy. Luckily, the hospital will have pretty much everything you need while staying there (you will realize this after you get an itemized bill for every.single.thing.), so you really just need your (already installed) car seat and a going home outfit! Remember that the weight estimates you receive can be right on the money or far from the truth (mine was 2-3 POUNDS off. Eek!). If you have newborn and 0-3 month outfits, you might want to bring both. Just in case. Depending on what else you want to bring, you can pack a pacifier and a receiving blanket for the ride home, but they are not *must have* items in my opinion.

Other items you won’t want to forget. Any electronics you want to bring, make sure you have a charger for them. If you’re lucky like me and end up with a C-section, three days without a phone charger is not what I would call fun. Also, spare change can be a game-changer during labor. Maybe not for you, but your spouse may need a quick snack if it’s moving slowly. Lastly, your photographer’s number or email address! If you’re having a fresh 48 session or newborn photos, send a quick message to your photographer so they know your little one has arrived and they can set you all up. This is a perfect task for the spouse!


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