The Montessori style of education is valued by many parents and educators alike for its emphasis on independence, individualized learning, and a community feel. These San Diego Montessori schools serve families with a number of programs for kids as young as preschool all the way through middle school. 

Find The Perfect San Diego Montessori Schools That Best Fit Your Little Ones

Montessori School of San Diego

1323 West Spruce Street, San Diego, CA 92103

Montessori School of San Diego is dedicated to putting kids first, with fresh classroom instruction every day that enables kids to feel seen and respected. All children are guaranteed a quality Montessori teacher who uses respectful communication and low-key discipline. Teachers also have an excellent reputation for upholding the Montessori philosophy. This school was established in 1975 and enrolls around 100 children from ages 3 to 9. The school has five classrooms for different age groups and uses a traditional Montessori curriculum that includes dance, art, as well as physical education. 

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Maria Montessori School

4544 Pocahontas Ave, San Diego, CA 92117

Maria Montessori School offers excellent Montessori education to San Diego families. This school features warm staff, individualized lessons, low student-teacher ratios, and hands-on education. The goal for children is to ignite a passion for learning and help boost their intelligence from a young age. This school has programs for preschoolers, elementary-aged kids, and middle school children. Additionally, the Early Childhood classroom serves kids ages 3-6 and includes arts, crafts, music, movement, snacks, outdoor playtime, and holiday celebrations. In addition, the Montessori core curriculum includes practical life, sensorial instruction, math, reading, writing, science, and geography. 

Community Montessori

1441 Montiel Road, Escondido, CA 92026

Community Montessori is a part of the San Diego County Office of Education and serves approximately 750 students in grades TK-8. There are five learning centers in the San Diego region, and there is a Montessori home study program. These schools commit themselves to respecting the goals and interests of each child, fostering a strong sense of independence, creativity, respect, diversity, and a love of learning. The curriculum includes Power Traits, which refers to a child’s unique way of learning, working, as well as communicating. Parents and students collaborate with an education facilitator to come up with personalized learning plans that include power traits, personal interests, and passions. The Educational Facilitator meets with the parent and student at least once a month to identify and support their goals. 

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Kinderhouse Montessori School

6540 Flanders Drive, San Diego, CA 92121

Kinderhouse Montessori School has been providing top-quality Montessori education to families in San Diego since 2001. This school commits to remaining true to original Montessori principles based on research and observations of children. Instruction takes place in a prepared environment that maximizes a child’s independence and love of learning. Above all, this unique, natural approach encourages kids to follow their interests. 

This school lives in Sorrento Valley, and all teachers at Kinderhouse have AMI diplomas and bachelor’s degrees. It has low student-teacher ratios that allow teachers to work one-on-one with children. This is more than just a daycare or childcare facility. Kinderhouse focuses on the best care and safety while guiding students to academic success. This school’s Primary program serves kids ages 3-6. The curriculum includes all of the major areas of the Montessori Primary Program, as well as an optional Spanish Bilingual program. 

Your Little Ones Will Love These Incredible San Diego Montessori Schools

The Montessori philosophy centers on supporting each child’s unique interests and abilities as they grow and develop. These San Diego Montessori schools offer families many unique programs that foster their child’s love of learning and sense of independence. Whether you have a toddler or a middle schooler, these schools offer a variety of programs that will help your child thrive academically and socially. 

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