If you’re looking for a fun and innovative place to explore, you won’t want to miss out on the New Children’s Museum in San Diego. Since its reopening in 2008, this interactive, innovative museum has strived to inspire and educate children on the joys and wonders of art. This is the perfect place to roam, explore, and create!

About the New Children’s Museum in San Diego

200 W. Island Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

The New Children’s Museum in San Diego inspires children through art and creativity. The museum’s mission is to spark creativity and exploration through interactive art experiences for kids. The museum strives to be innovative, loved, and inspiring to San Diego children. It opened in 1983, but in 1993, it moved to a new location. In 2008, it reopened under a new name, with “new” signifying the museum’s new focus on contemporary artists and immersive art installations designed for kids to explore. 

The building itself is a dramatic, multi-level, 50,000-square-foot building that includes transparent, flexible spaces that expose the building’s construction. This dynamic space is one of the first “green” museums in California! The museum strives to be an inclusive space for all families of all races, ethnicities, identities, and abilities. The New Children’s Museum in San Diego is a place that unlocks children’s natural creativity by exposing them to art and the creative process. 

A toddler girl in a green dress and denim jacket sits in a small wooden chair playing with some grass before visiting new childrens museum san diego

Think, Play, And Create!

The New Children’s Museum in San Diego is a place where kids can think, play, and create. It is open six days a week, and families can check the website for updated hours and events. Tickets can be purchased in person or online. 

This museum includes three levels of art installations, including Brian and the Bugs, a colorful mural that tells the visual story of connectedness through flowers and bugs. The Breathing Room is a sensory-friendly, inviting space where kids can pause for a minute, lie down, and take in the soothing colors of the room around them. Ocotillo Sunset is an outdoor mural-style painting of native plants that shows the seasonal cycles of San Diego’s natural landscape. The Wonder Sound is a labyrinth of rooms, nooks, ropes, and other cool areas for exploration. Wobbleland is a space designed specifically for children ages 4 and under, where they can safely roam around and play with food sculptures. Tikitiko is a space for toddlers 3 and under, where they can enjoy a sensory wonderland full of color, hiding spots, and places where they can learn to appreciate connectedness. 

A toddler girl in a denim jacket sits in mom's arms in a park at sunset before visiting new childrens museum san diego


In addition to art installations, the New Children’s Museum in San Diego features other fun spaces for kids. The Museum Park is a special outdoor experience that features a variety of fun activities and art-making opportunities. 

The Paint Studio features a large-scale sculpture known as the Loving Dragon. The Clay Studio offers opportunities for kids and adults to create art with their hands. There is also a drop-in activity space that allows kids of all ages to create at their convenience. For kids ages 6 and up, the Innovators Lab is the perfect maker space!

The museum also offers many different programs throughout the year. Planting Seeds meets several times each week and meets at the Innovators Lab. The Joyride Bookshop StoryTime is fun for kids of all ages. 

In addition to visiting the museum itself, families can enjoy All About Art. This offers a series of virtual experiences of the Museum’s interactive art installations. You can gather the whole family and join the mascots Art the Songbird and Play the Fox as they explore the New Children’s Museum’s many amazing installations. In these videos, you’ll also discover fun facts about the art exhibits right from the comfort of your own house. 

Your Family Will Love Every Visit To The New Children’s Museum in San Diego

The New Children’s Museum in San Diego has undergone many changes and is now one of the most innovative museums in California. With three levels of interactive exhibits and installations, the New Children’s Museum inspires and educates young minds on the joys of art. There is plenty of room to roam and explore at this beautiful museum, and kids of all ages will enjoy the interactive exhibits and programs that the museum puts on. 

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