If you’re looking for a one-stop shop in southern California for pregnancy and parenting education, check out the Birth Education Center in San Diego. This center empowers and educates families on various topics, preparing them for a successful pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery period. This education center is a wonderful resource for southern California families, from birth doulas to childbirth education, placenta encapsulation, and journals and books. 

About The Birth Education Center in San Diego

2801 Fourth Ave

San Diego, CA 92103

Birth Education Center in San Diego is like a one-stop shop for all things pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. This center’s services include classes, online courses, support groups, workshops, pregnancy meditations, doula care, and family resources. 

Birth Education Center strives to help all San Diego families receive information and education on pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting matters. From hypnobirthing to Lamaze to the Bradley Method, there are many courses for your preferences regarding pregnancy and childbirth. 

Founded by Care Messer, inspired by the birth of her baby, this center helps empower families. She is a hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing practitioner, birth and postpartum doula, placenta encapsulationist, and erotic BP Coach. Her daughter’s birth opened up a new passion for her, and she supports all kinds of births, whether you want an all-natural home birth or a birth at a hospital. 

A newborn baby opens its mouth wide while laying on a white bed in a studio after visiting birth education center san diego


Services include Doula Matching through the Birth Education Center’s vetted list of professional doulas. Parents can sift through and select a doula based on their preferences. All doulas are certified, invested in continuing education, and attendees of ongoing training. 

Families can find a list online of helpful questions to ask their potential doula during the initial meeting. Doulas support women during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum recovery, offering pain relief techniques and emotional and physical support during stressful moments. 

Birth Education Center San Diego specializes in offering various classes throughout the year. Topics include Breastfeeding 101, Comfort Measures, Hypnobirthing, Infant CPR, Newborns 101, Pregnancy Connections Circles, and Postpartum Connections Circles. They offer classes both in person and online for ultimate convenience. 

This center knows that not all pregnancies end in a happy, healthy baby. There are many resources for loss and support. Still, Birthday Doulas are certified to specialize in delivering stillborn babies. The list of resources also includes lactation consultants, keepsake companies, photographers, funeral homes, milk donations, and many other online resources.

A newborn baby lays on a white bed in a studio with eyes open thanks to birth education center san diego


Birth Education Center San Diego’s founder, Care Messer, wrote a book called Conversations With My Baby. It is a journal that helps parents-to-be shift their perception and bond with their growing baby during pregnancy. This journal is like an opportunity to sit down and share thoughts with your brand new baby, including life lessons, important stories, and how you are preparing for their arrival. This is a great resource for parents looking for extra ways to feel connected to their growing and developing baby inside the womb. 

Placenta encapsulation is another unique service offered at the Birth Education Center. They pick up the placenta from wherever you give birth and return it to you for no extra charge. There are four methods for saving the placenta: capsules, tinctures, salves, and raw frozen bits. 

Tinctures and capsules can help balance the hormones of the mother. They can even be used later on for teething and separation anxiety. An organic salve is another popular option, where the cream treats topical purposes: perineal repair, burns, diaper rash, birth scars, and tissue recovery. 

Birth Education Center San Diego

The Birth Education Center in San Diego serves families with various services and resources. This education center is a wonderful resource for families preparing to welcome a new little one, from birth doulas to pregnancy journals to online classes to support groups and meetups. 

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