Top Must-Have Newborn Poses with Mom | San Diego Newborn Photographer

There is nothing more special than a new baby, and capturing those first few weeks and months are so important. As a newborn photographer, it’s my job to help families capture these moments that will be cherished forever. In this blog post, we will discuss five must-have poses with mom and her newborn baby. These poses are not only beautiful but also timeless, and the perfect addition to your newborn poses with Mom and baby.

1. Newborn Poses With Mom | Crossed Arms

In this pose, mom’s arms are crossed in front of her, and her baby is placed in her arms. It does take some practice to get this pose looking natural, so remember to keep trying (and just relax – it will take some patience!). This pose is classic and elegant, and it always looks amazing! It is always a go-to pose to start with, since you can get so much variation from this one simple pose.

Newborn Poses With Mom | Cheek to Cheek

The second pose is cheek to cheek. In this pose, mom puts her cheek against her baby’s cheek for a sweet moment and beautiful photo. This is such a special way to capture the love between mother and their brand new baby!

Newborn Poses With Mom | Looking at Baby

The third of 5 newborn poses with mom is mom looking at baby. In this one, we turn baby so mom and baby are face to face. This allows Mom to really interact with her newborn while also getting some beautiful photos! This also works really well for babies that are wide awake. You can get some great, natural photos of mom and baby interacting.

Newborn Poses With Mom | Laying Down

The fourth pose is laying down. In this one, mom lays down on the ground and we place baby into her arm, tucked away and still close to mom. This is a great way to capture the bond between mother and newborn baby, and it always looks so sweet! It can also be turned into a more high-end image, if that is what Mom is looking for.

Newborn Poses With Mom | Kissing Baby

The fifth and final pose of the newborn poses with mom is a favorite – mom kissing baby. In this one, mom kisses baby’s forehead or cheek. Capturing the closeness of mom with her brand new baby is so special, and getting that bond on camera through ¬†sweet kiss is just magical to witness.

Those are my top 5 Newborn Poses with Mom! These poses will always remain a must-have during newborn photo sessions, and will continue to be timeless works of art for my moms to enjoy for generations to come. Be sure to pass this along to anyone you know that is expecting. If you are looking for a San Diego newborn photographer, reach out to me and let’s schedule your very own newborn session! Make sure you follow along though instagram as well <3 Can’t wait to connect with you!

Lauren is a San Diego newborn photographer specializing in capturing your most precious moments and providing heirloom products to enjoy those moments for generations to come.