Finding the perfect daycare can be daunting, but if you’re in the San Diego area, check out these six daycare facilities. These San Diego daycares provide enriching, nurturing programs where young children can grow and thrive in a safe environment where parents can rest assured that their kids are well cared for. 

Find The Best Childcare At These San Diego Daycares

Gifted Child Care

3631 47th Street, San Diego, CA 92105

At Gifted Child Care, highly trained and experienced staff work tirelessly to provide the highest quality care to children as they develop and grow. This school offers various activities and services, including enrichment activities. The curriculum helps all kids learn and grow in an atmosphere that promotes creativity, exploration, and self-discovery. This residential care facility features various activities, including arts and crafts and outdoor play. The outdoor play area houses activities that promote physical development and exploration. Kids can learn, explore, and have fun safely and securely. 

Ludokids Child Care

441 Briarwood Road, San Diego, CA 92114

Ludokids Child Care in San Diego is a safe, loving, supportive daycare facility that acts as a home away from home for children. This daycare emphasizes high-quality childcare services and an experienced staff who provide developmentally appropriate, stimulating activities. Ludokids Child Care offers various services, including care for infants and toddlers, after-school care, home daycare, bilingual child care, and much more. This daycare provides nutritious meals, and staff are bilingual in English and Spanish. 

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Tender Care San Diego

2135 Ridge View Drive, San Diego, CA 92105

Tender Care in San Diego recognizes all children as unique, celebrating their differences and abilities with appropriate learning experiences that are child-guided. The program gives kids freedom of choice and structured activities and teaches problem-solving, self-reliance, and social skills. This San Diego daycare is a play-based daycare where kids can grow cognitively, physically, and socially. This program is eco-friendly, so kids spend plenty of time outdoors in nature. The nature program includes health and well-being, creativity, community and sense of place, and natural processes. Kids can learn how to plant a seed, observe hummingbirds, and learn how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. 

Creative Hearts

Airoso Ave, San Diego, CA 92120

Creative Hearts is a daycare featuring a program filled with music, art, storytime, and other learning activities. It balances child-led and teacher-led activities well so that kids can learn through independent play and structured group activities. Learning is fun and educational at this daycare. The infant program serves kids from 18 months through 23 months in a warm, caring setting where activities encourage language, sensory experiences, and skill development. The toddler program encourages exploration and discovery for kids ages 2-3 years old. Above all, children receive encouragement and guidance through new skills and milestones. 

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San Diego Brighter Daycare

2960 Poinsettia Drive, San Diego, CA 92106

San Diego Brighter Daycare is a home daycare that provides childcare for kids from 8 months to 5 years old. With infant, toddler, as well as preschool programs available, this home-based daycare grows with your child. This San Diego daycare is a loving, nurturing setting. So that young ones have lots of time to play and explore under the guidance of an experienced caregiver. Additionally, dedicated staff and directors strive to provide enriching programs for children and their families, knowing that early learning experiences link to positive outcomes in school and life. 

Kid Planet Daycare

7074 Mohawk Street, San Diego, CA 92115

Kid Planet Daycare believes that each child possesses unique talents and learning styles. The school’s highly qualified staff are committed to nurturing each child’s unique interests and abilities to optimize their emotional, social, and educational growth. Student-teacher ratios also remain low at Kid Planet Daycare. Additionally, this home daycare is small and only licensed for up to 12 children. This care facility offers organic, homemade snacks and meals for kids. It can accommodate a vegetarian or vegan diet as well. This daycare uses non-toxic cleaning supplies and biodegradable diapers and recycles as much as possible. The hours accommodate many work schedules, and after-hours care is available for kids from 6 weeks old through 12 years old. This licensed family daycare provides a joyful, nurturing environment where play, as well as fun, are central to the learning experience. Drop-in and after-hours care are also available. 

San Diego Daycares

Parents can rest assured that their kids are well cared for at these San Diego daycares. Each care facility provides high-quality programs for young children, from infants to toddlers and beyond. Kids can grow and thrive in these safe, nurturing settings where dedicated staff members work hard to provide exceptional care. 

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