Looking for a unique form of childcare that can help give them a global perspective and a better appreciation of culture? Don’t go the typical route of babysitters, nannies, or daycares. Instead, consider the services of a San Diego au pair. An au pair is a young person from another country who lives with your family and cares for your children. Au pairs at these San Diego agencies provide exceptional, loving care to children as they give them a deeper sense of different cultures and a global worldview. 

Give Your Child A Headstart With A San Diego Au Pair

A young toddler in a denim jacket sits in a white chair in a sandy path at sunset after meeting a san diego au pair

Go Au Pair 

Serving the San Diego area

Go Au Pair in San Diego offers families a unique childcare experience through cultural exchange. This agency provides reliable, live-in childcare services that meet the specific needs of each family. Go Au Pair is one of the best Au Pair agencies in the country and has provided high-quality childcare for decades. Go Au Pair began as a nanny agency in 1984 and has expanded to include Au Pairs. It was one of the original Au Pair Program sponsors in 1989.

Besides basic childcare, there are many great places in the San Diego area for au pairs to take children. From amusement parks to sandy beaches to fun playgrounds to family-friendly restaurants, San Diego is full of neighborhoods that offer great experiences for families with kids. Au pairs can take the kids to visit the San Diego Zoo, the Wild Animal Park, Legoland, Birch Aquarium, and Sesame Place. Each of these places also has membership opportunities, so families and their childcare providers can enjoy visiting as often as they want. 

Go Au Pair has a local area representative, Lita Bowie, in San Diego and the surrounding areas to help families during their childcare search. The agency’s local representative assists families and au pairs with any questions related to live-in childcare. Lita Bowie serves the entirety of San Diego County. Au pairs are required to attend a number of cultural activities so that they experience the local community and culture during their time with a family. Activities include coffee in Del Mar, Little Italy Mercato, and Sea Adventure Day. 

A young toddler smiles while sitting in a wooden basket in a park

Au Pair Care

Serving Southern California families

Looking for au pair childcare in Southern California? Take advantage of this area’s diverse culture while ensuring that your kids receive unparalleled one-on-one attention and care all through AuPairCare professional au pairs. AuPairCare is the premiere Southern California au pair agency and is committed to providing exceptional childcare services to families. Au pair childcare gives families flexible, live-in childcare with a cultural element. Local staff provide support every step of the way. Additionally, families can choose an au pair from over 40 different countries. This is a great way to introduce your kids to another culture and ensure that they receive expert, loving care.

As the premiere au pair agency in Southern California, AuPairCare is dedicated to matching families with international au pairs who provide amazing live-in childcare services. San Diego is a region celebrated for its artistry and lifestyle. Therefore, it’s the perfect place for au pair childcare! Au pairs can take children to theme parks, beaches, hiking, and parks, fostering each child’s natural curiosity and growth. AuPairCare focuses on a celebration of cultural exchange. Children can learn customs, languages, and traditions from around the world through their au pair in an immersive experience that will give them a global perspective and shape their future. AuPairCare has over 30 years of experience in the industry, providing trustworthy caregivers and unwavering support to local families. Southern California provides a multitude of family-friendly attractions. So, au pairs can take children to engaging museums, immersive observatories, or exciting zoos. 

A young toddler sits in a wooden basket in a park trail at sunset after meeting a san diego au pair

San Diego Au Pair

Au pairs provide exceptional child care that is different from the traditional daycare, preschool, babysitter, or nanny. Nannies are typically from the local area. Whereas au pairs are from a foreign country and can give families a unique perspective on the world. Au pairs at these two San Diego au pair agencies provide compassionate, loving care to children as they live in their house as well as teach them about their home culture while providing childcare services. 

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