Learning to swim is an important life skill. Even from infancy, young children can learn the foundational skills necessary for swimming and being safe around bodies of water. Whether parents want traditional group classes, mommy and me classes, private lessons, or ISR lessons, San Diego is home to many amazing swim schools to help give babies the proper training for enjoying the water. So check out these wonderful San Diego Infant Swim Lessons today!

Teach Your Infants To Love The Water Safely With These San Diego Infant Swim Lessons

Callan Swim School

1012 Law Street, San Diego, CA 92109

Callan Swim School offers swim classes to young children, with a pool designed with teaching in mind. This is the perfect environment for learning, with shallow water and broad steps. Kids of all ages have the opportunity to adjust to getting in the water at their own pace. Additionally, the pool is always heated to a consistent temperature, helping keep babies comfortable and warm. All infants under the age of 2 must have an adult in the pool with them and must wear swim diapers. San Diego infant swim lessons are offered twice a week, year-round, for 15 minutes each. 

My Baby Swims

Serving the San Diego area

My Baby Swims is run by instructor Brad Hurvitz, who provides ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) lessons that will keep your baby, toddler, or young child safe in the water. Even if your baby has never been in the water, the ISR lessons will help them feel confident and have fun in the pool – all while learning the aquatic skills necessary to stay safe in an emergency. From 6 months on, infants can enjoy fully personalized, one-on-one San Diego infant swim lessons with Brad, with a program tailored to their needs. Skills include rolling, floating, and building confidence in the water. Lessons are 5 days a week for 10 minutes each day, for an average of 6 weeks. ISR also focuses on one-on-one lessons that improve health, education, and safety around the water. The ISR program is suitable for babies and children from 6 months through 6 years old. 

Details of a newborn baby's face while sleeping after some san diego infant swim lessons

Noonan Family Swim School

6070 Avenida Encinas, Carlsbad, CA 92011

Noonan Family Swim School provides a fun, positive environment where your child can learn the foundational skills for swimming. A team of well-trained staff members understands the anxiety many kids have when getting in the water for the first time. Instructors assess every child’s abilities to tailor a program suitable to their needs and goals. SplashBabies is an infant swim lessons program that helps a baby or toddler’s physical, mental, emotional, and social development. The curriculum focuses on water safety, balance, floating, breath control, and movement. San Diego infant swim lessons include basic swim skills, songs, games, gross and fine motor skills, and commands and signals for water safety and breath control. Classes are suitable for infants 6 months or older. 

Safe Swim Academy

2070 Otay Lakes Rd, Chula Vista, CA 91915

Safe Swim Academy was founded by Monica Barbu, a former Olympic team swimmer. She believes that safety is key, and swimming is one of the most important skills a person can learn. This swim school provides the highest quality swim lessons with a team of creative, enthusiastic, professional swim instructors. The curriculum includes games, songs, imagery, and characters to help young ones develop comfort and proficiency in the water. San Diego infant swim lessons can begin as early as 6 months old, and infants can make rapid progress in water skills in this fun, positive, and encouraging atmosphere. The founder, Monica Barbu, made swimming her profession. After being a part of the Romanian Olympic swimming team, she now strives to share her passion and knowledge with kids of all ages and skill levels. 

A newborn baby sleeps naked in a wooden bowl and blanket in a studio after some san diego infant swim lessons


8876 Navajo Road, San Diego, CA 92119

SafeSplash offers swim lessons for infants and toddlers in San Diego. They have a variety of classes and programs to choose from. Classes feature low student-teacher ratios and encourage parents and children to work together to develop the foundational skills that are crucial for learning to swim. Babies can start as early as 4 months old, and all classes have a 6:1 student-teacher ratio. Parents must get in the water with their babies. SafeSplash does not offer ISR lessons. However, the curriculum focuses on producing confident, efficient swimmers by practicing correct swim strokes and water safety skills. 

Keep Your Little Ones Safe With Great San Diego Infant Swim Lessons

Whether you’re looking for traditional group swim classes, prefer private 1-on-1 instruction, or want ISR specialty classes, San Diego is home to many great swim schools and swim instructors. These San Diego infant swim lessons offer high-quality lessons. So your little one can learn the foundational skills necessary for a lifetime of water enjoyment and fun. 

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