Parenting is not easy. But thankfully, many communities have special resources to help families navigate the world of raising children. In San Diego, these community programs connect parents with the resources they need and deserve, giving them access to classes and programs that enable them to become the best parents they can be. So check out some of the top San Diego parenting classes to gain the confidence you deserve!

Build Your Parenting Confidence With These 4 Great San Diego Parenting Classes

Jewish Family Services – The Positive Parenting Program

8804 Balboa Avenue, San Diego, CA 92123

Take the guesswork out of parenting with Jewish Family Services, which offers the Positive Parenting Program to help parents in San Diego County find positive solutions to common childhood behavior problems. This program uses strategies backed by more than three decades of research. The curriculum is based on Triple P, which promotes family harmony, reducing conflict, and successful peer relationships for kids in school. This program is used by millions of families around the world and gives parents effective tools to raise happy kids, manage misbehavior, set rules and routines, create positive learning environments, encourage good behavior, and enhance parental confidence.

This class occurs in different formats to meet the varying needs of families. From large public seminars to small group sessions to individual consultations, certified Triple P parent educators lead parents in discovering amazing tools to enhance their parenting journey. Workshops occur in both English and Spanish all across San Diego, with priority given to low-income schools and military families. This program is free to parents, and onsite childcare is provided. 

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Becoming Peaceful

Led by Lisa Howe, Becoming Peaceful believes parenting is a giant self-improvement project in disguise and the hardest and most rewarding work a person will ever do. Becoming Peaceful strives to come alongside parents to support them in their parenting journeys. Lisa Howe is a mother herself, as well as a social worker and certified Peaceful Parenting Coach. She is empathetic, a good listener, compassionate, funny, and kind. Peaceful Parenting emphasizes firm and kind parenting, also known as authoritative parenting, where kids can grow into emotionally intelligent, responsible, and independent adults. Becoming Peaceful offers parenting workshops, parenting consultations, and free 15-minute consultations. 

First 5 San Diego

9655 Granite Ridge Drive #120, San Diego, CA 92123

First 5 San Diego aims to help new parents be the best they can be. So they provide high-quality information and resources designed especially for families in the San Diego area. First 5 San Diego offers the Kit for New Parents to all first-time parents in the county, as well as sponsoring a number of programs that provide education and support that allow families to thrive. The First 5 First Steps Program helps strengthen child-family relationships through support, education, and guidance that come with home visits for expectant parents and parents of newborns. This program utilizes evidence-based information to promote positive bonds between parents and their children, decreasing child neglect, improving parent-child interactions, and increasing well-child visit attendance and immunization rates.

Additionally, they partner with home visiting programs in San Diego to provide specialized support for new families. This program aims to address gaps in available services by making them available to all. First Steps enrolls families at any point during pregnancy.

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430 F Street, Chula Vista, CA 91910

SBCS believes childhood becomes the foundation upon which life is built. And healthier foundations equal greater success and happiness in adulthood. SBCS dedicated themselves to providing services to children in the community who need support. Setting themselves up for a happy, healthy life. Mi Escuelita Therapeutic Preschool provides specialized services to kids ages 3-5. With a free, full-day bilingual program and full-time staff therapist. Healthy Development Services are available for children ages 0-5, preparing them to start school successfully. Services include parenting classes, behavior services, as well as developmental services.

Parenting classes occur in group format for parents of kids aged 0-18. These classes give parents an opportunity to learn about their kids’ growth and development, learn new techniques and skills, as well as receive support and encouragement from other parents. The STEP curriculum teaches both English and Spanish. Classes are always free, and graduates of the program receive a certificate of completion and a STEP book. 

Step Up Your Parenting With These Amazing San Diego Parenting Classes

Parenthood is not easy but is not meant to be done alone! Thanks to these community programs for parenting classes in San Diego, families can become supported and empowered as they raise their children. From group classes to one-on-one assistance, these community parenting resources provide everything parents need to raise their kids in the modern world. 

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