Looking for a fantastic midwifery clinic in Southern California? Be sure to check out Birth Local, located in San Diego. Run by Kayti Buehler and Amy Love Osgood, this woman-owned clinic provides expert, patient-focused care throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum, giving families a more natural, empowering pregnancy and birth experience. 

About Birth Local

4443 30th Street

Suite 205

San Diego, CA 92116

Birth Local believes that pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are foundational, life-changing experiences that transform a woman. This midwife-operated clinic respects birth givers and their partners as they experience the transformation and beauty of childbirth. Birth Local celebrates families as they blossom and grow. This practice supports people from all backgrounds throughout the San Diego County area. 

This woman-owned practice conducts visits in North Park and Carlsbad, and each visit is a comprehensive checkup where patients can feel seen and heard. Visits include information on nutrition, upcoming labs and ultrasounds, how to involve both partners, how to cope emotionally with pregnancy, and much more. 

A mom to be and father to be kiss while standing on a beach at sunset birth local


Birth Local offers comprehensive midwifery services, providing patients and their partners with respectful, evidence-based care throughout pregnancy. Prenatal care includes emotional health checkups, pregnancy nutrition, and childbirth education. Prenatal care involves the birth partners, too, so that the birthing person feels supported throughout the process. 

Care continues during postpartum healing, as midwives answer all the questions patients might have as they adjust to having a newborn. The postpartum visits include 3 appointments in the first few weeks after delivery. These visits include information on breastfeeding, baby wearing, newborn sleep, how to soothe crying babies, and how to support new families. 

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Many families seek to have a more natural, soothing birth experience outside of a sterile, bustling hospital. Birth Local midwives support home births and water births. Birth can be powerful and beautiful when done at home. Midwives bring all of the equipment, and patients can choose to give birth in the water or not. Midwives also handle cleanup afterward so families can focus on bonding with their new addition. 

Birth Local also offers wellness care, including pap smears, hormone testing, family planning, annual exams, and wellness checks. Midwives see patients from adolescence through mature adulthood, forming positive, patient-focused relationships with all of their clients as they support them throughout their lives. Whether you’re in your childbearing years or not, Birth Local midwives strive to help women live as healthfully and richly as possible.

Kayti also offers a podcast that highlights the differences between hospital and community births. Each podcast episode features one family’s story of their own experience with hospital births. Then a home birth with midwives. This informative podcast can help enlighten family members and friends about the positive benefits of midwifery care during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum.

Birth Local

From prenatal care to educational podcasts, Birth Local in San Diego offers amazing services to families who want a more natural approach to women’s healthcare and having babies. This clinic features midwives who strive to provide exceptional care to all patients throughout all stages of their lives. All with a special focus on women as they navigate pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum healing.

If you’re currently making your birth plan, don’t forget to plan some pictures! I’m a San Diego photographer, and I positively love working with families to make sure they have gorgeous memories of this time. I know from experience that the maternity and newborn months can feel a bit like a haze. So, I create relaxing photo sessions so you can have beautiful portraits of this time without all the stress. If you’ve been considering booking a session for your little one, then let’s connect!

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