Every new parent knows the challenges of getting good sleep with a newborn at home. The world is full of theories and philosophies on how to help your baby sleep better, but they’re never one-size-fits-all, and your baby is unique from any other baby! Whether preparing for a new arrival and anticipating sleep challenges or at your wit’s end with your newborn’s sleep schedule, learning how to sleep train in San Diego can help. 

Sleep Training Consultants are often certified to help your baby learn how to develop a regular sleep schedule – and when your baby gets better sleep, so do you! They’ll offer customized tips and plans to ensure your baby gets the personalized attention they need. 

These five businesses can help with sleep training in San Diego, so if you live in the area and need a little sleep support, keep reading to learn how they can help! 

Learn How to Sleep Train in San Diego from These Knowledgeable Experts

Sugar Night Night

Sugar Night Night’s sleep training expert, Jen Varela, knows, first and foremost, how to encourage parents to take on sleep challenges headfirst. She has helped over 4,500 families with sleep consultation, providing parents with personalized instruction and tried-and-true techniques. After an in-depth consultation, she’ll help create a customized sleep plan based on your child’s needs and age. Then, it’s up to you to implement, though you’ll have Jen’s help to ensure things go smoothly!

Sweet Dreams LA

Sweet Dreams LA is home to eight professional sleep coaches who bring their years of experience with babies and families to their practice. Their sleep training programs will support families emotionally and practically with round-the-clock presence for 2, 3, or 5 days, depending on your needs. This allows them to better understand your baby and household environment so they can help you and your little one get some sleep! 

Details of a newborn baby holding a finger sleep train san diego

The Baby Sleep Engineer

Michelle, The Baby Sleep Engineer, knows that no one sleep training method works for every baby; instead, she uses information gathered about your baby, parenting philosophy, and lifestyle to create an entirely customized plan for you. She’ll help you get comfortable setting boundaries, reclaiming your right to rest, and being confident in navigating future sleep issues. Get rid of your sleep guilt with The Baby Sleep Engineer! 

Little Wonderland Sleep Solutions

Little Wonderland Sleep Solutions founder Lita Bowie has been a sleep-deprived mother herself. So she knows the importance of effective sleep training. Her “grounded in love” approach begins with building a strong foundation of trust before applying her extensive knowledge of pediatric sleep needs. From there, she’ll work with you to create a customized, totally doable plan to have your baby and you back to sleep in no time. 

A father cradles his sleeping newborn baby against his chest while kissing its head sleep train san diego

Little Bird Sleep Consultant

Mom and Little Bird Sleep Consultant founder Lexi approaches every family she works with with welcoming, open arms rather than judgment. Whether you have a newborn or a toddler struggling to sleep, she has the experience and the plan to suit your baby’s needs best. You learn the importance of consistency and routine. All while having ongoing support from Lexi to ensure everyone, you included, sleeps soundly. 

Sleep Train San Diego

You don’t need to suffer from a lack of sleep, even with a newborn! Reach out to one of these sleep consultation specialists to learn more about how to sleep train in San Diego. It may be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made! 

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