Doulas are an excellent resource for new families navigating the early days and months of parenthood. From nighttime care to home preparation, breastfeeding support, and helping with household tasks, doulas provide valuable services to families so they can start their parenting journey off right. So, read on to find out how North County Doulas serves local San Diego families with expert, compassionate doula care. 

About North County Doulas

North County Doulas was founded by Rosemary Mason, a DONA doula trainer, in 1994. Now run by doula Ah-Ling, this practice serves families as they welcome a new child into the world, a monumental event for the whole family. Ah-Ling provides the necessary support as families navigate life with a newborn. She serves women, children, and families with personalized, loving support and care. 

North County Doulas has been in business for over 35 years and has served over 300 San Diego families. Ah-Ling is a DONA-certified doula, a certified lactation counselor, and has experience with multiples. Using doula services is a great way for families to start their journey off right. From breastfeeding help to newborn sleep advice, Ah-Ling is ready to empower families as they care for their new baby. 

A new mom cradles her yawning newborn baby in her arms while standing in a studio


Ah-Ling is an experienced doula who is comfortable working with multiples and preemies. As a result, she provides:

  • sleep coaching,
  • breastfeeding education,
  • bottle-feeding education,
  • sibling integration,
  • C-section recovery,
  • cooking and meal preparation,
  • working with surrogate families, and
  • supporting women with postpartum mood disorders. 

North County Doulas provides professional, friendly postpartum support to San Diego families. Doulas are available day and night all throughout San Diego County. Whether you have one baby or three, caring for a newborn is hard work. Doulas come alongside families to offer neutral, non-judgmental support and care right in the calming setting of a client’s home. Doulas also help families in the transitional period of life with a new baby, helping them tackle the issues they didn’t learn about in childbirth preparation classes.

Postpartum doulas care for the mother, provide evidence-based education and support, help with breast or bottle feeding, provide newborn care, do simple household tasks, prepare meals, reduce family stress, screen for postpartum mood disorders, provide overnight care, and help families during travel. They also offer infant soothing skills, including the “five S’s” and sleep advice. 

A newborn baby sleeps on a cream pad in a studio with help from north county doulas


North County Doulas is beloved among southern California families. Clients rave about the doula services and what a game-changer it is to use a doula during postpartum recovery. Doulas are at the family’s home when they arrive home from the hospital, ready to assist. 

From swaddling techniques, tongue tie assessment, increasing milk production, and establishing sleep schedules, doulas at North County Doulas provide expert, nurturing care to families during the “fourth trimester” adjustment period. All doulas are reliable, trustworthy, and compassionate. They act as parenting coaches to help educate families on how to best adjust to life at home with a new baby. 

North County Doulas makes finding the perfect doula an easy process. After pairing with the ideal doula, families enjoy reliable, trustworthy care from the amazing team at North County Doulas. Postpartum doula services include newborn care education, preparing the home for a new baby, nursery organization, nighttime care for newborns, help with nursing positions, setting up feeding and sleeping schedules, and help with burping the baby. 

A doula’s job is to take care of the newborn at night. So mothers (and fathers) gain some much-needed rest until the baby wants to eat. Doulas are calm, caring, and gentle. Above all, they make the perfect asset to any family adjusting to life at home with a new baby. 

Additionally, specialty services include travel doula care, lactation counseling, sleep training, placenta encapsulation, and nursery planning. 

A fluffy brown dog sniffs the foot on a newborn baby in mom's hands thanks to north county doulas

North County Doulas

North County Doulas serves San Diego families with various services to meet each family’s unique needs. From breastfeeding help to newborn sleep advice, help with household duties, and nighttime care, doulas provide expert, nurturing care to families as they navigate the difficult, exhausting early days of parenthood. 

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