Best Spots for San Diego Family Photos

Top 4 best places to check out for your San Diego family photos

You’re all ready to update your family portraits. All outfits have been carefully selected for each family member. You have There are some pretty epic locations to choose from for your San Diego family photos. So many that it can be overwhelming to choose! Depending on what you’re looking for (the beach, the mountains, cool architecture, awesome views), there are plenty of spots all around San Diego. I’ve narrowed my (extremely long) list down to my top 4 favorite places for San Diego family photos.

San Diego is well known for having so many unique locations all within the county, it is ridiculous. If you are looking for beaches, there are around 31 beaches to choose from! Looking for a more wooded, trail vibe for your family portraits, there are more than 300 parks with so many different feels to them all. On top of just beach and wooded/trail type of locations, San Diego offers some amazing architecture as well! San Diego is absolutely perfect for your updated family photos, no matter what you are looking for! And now, without dragging this out for too much longer, I give you my top 4 spots for your San Diego family photos.

#1 Best Spot For San Diego Family Photos

Mission Trails Regional Park

Mission Trails Regional Park happens to be my absolute favorite place for family photos in San Diego! With miles and miles of trails, you have so many options when it comes to your San Diego family photos. If you are looking for a spot that is not the beach, this is the perfect spot for you and your family!

Mission Trails does have a lot of wildlife (it is a wildlife preserve after all), so keep that in mind when you are looking at this site, particularly in the summer time. Hello, snakes!

#2 Best Spot for San Diego Family Photos

Windansea Beach

If you are looking for a sophisticated beach vibe for your family photos, then look no further than Windansea beach! With rocks along the water, there are plenty of gorgeous spots for your family photos to take place.

Windansea beach is known for being a great surfer beach, so get ready to watch some talented surfers in the waves before your family session!

#3 Best Spot For San Diego Family Photos

Los Peñasquitos Ranch House

A fabulous spot for your updated family images is at Los Peñasquitos Ranch House. With lots of trails, gorgeous trees, open fields, as well as a creek close by, this location is perfect for families with small children. Parking is close by which is perfect!

#4 Best Spot for San Diego Family Photos

Balboa Park

One of the most amazing parks in San Diego is Balboa Park. Whether you are looking for vibrant flowers or beautiful architecture for your family photos, Balboa Park has it all within their 1,200 acres. Located close to downtown, it is the perfect backdrop for your San Diego family photos.

Are you looking to update your San Diego family photos? I would love to chat with you about your session! I offer a unique experience, including helping you find the perfect spot for your family images all around San Diego. Let’s make some memories to capture! If you ‘re not too sure just yet, go ahead and check out my instagram page to see if we’re a good match <3

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